Who’s Isabelle?

I’m a 30-year old serial entrepreneur. I’ve managed to start a million dollar love brand as a single mom, raise venture capital, perform audits on several online platforms, manage acquisitions from negotiation to merging the actual teams.

And that all sounds great, doesn’t’ it?

Until you lose it all to a maleficent investor and take a moment to think about what success means, what money means and foremost what freedom means.

Hasta la vista

Saying goodbye to everything I own was scary, but also liberating.

The past 3 years I went on this crazy journey with the wish of “finding myself”. And I came to the conclusion that, “finding myself”, doesn’t work like a 10 dollar bill I can’t find in my pocket. I also realized that I wasn’t going to find myself, nor happiness in material things.

We don’t know where we’re going to find it yet, but my son and I are well on our way.

Who is Maximilian?

Being his mom, for me, he’s obviously the most amazing, beautiful and perfect kid in the world. Just like yours if you have any.

Maxi (that’s his nickname) is 5 years old, full of mischief in the cutest way possible and is happy to share all his travel wisdom on this blog.

He loves cars, super heroes and is a huge Star Wars fan. 😍